Friday, August 8, 2014

Music and an Uncle

     This past weekend was the Itasca Family Music Festival.  My wife and youngest four kids went and enjoyed a weekend of great music.  During the week before and after I heard of various other music gathering that made me very thankful for this one.  As they talked of how rowdy and drunk people would get at other festival I was reminded just how wonderful this one is, where you can let a seven year old run around the grounds and not have to worry.  The festival leaves much to be thankful for.
  • For great music
  • For friends and other that are met
  • For the food
  • For those who work behind the scenes to make everything possible
  • That kids can run around safely
  • That it is not expensive
  • That the weather was great.
  • For the miniature train rides
     This past weekend was also my wife's uncle's memorial service. This meant that most of the day Saturday she was gone as the service was about 4 hours away.  She was able to make it down and back safely with the three youngest girls.  This leaves more to be thankful for
  • For safety on the roads
  • For having a chance to know her uncle
  • For the rest of her family - and cousins that the girls got to play with.
  • For the donuts she brought back for breakfast
      What have you had to be thankful for lately?