Wednesday, September 21, 2011


     Tonight is the first night of the AWANA Club in Warroad. While I do not agree with all their theology / teachings I enjoy the fact that they do lots of Bible memorization. That is one of the areas I will be helping in again this year. Not only do I listen to the kids say their verses but it gives me a chance to help them understand the verses they're learning.

      On top of this I am a back up game leader and tonight I get to make the kids run. One game I found the kids liked was taking their leader around the loop inside a hula hoop. I might try it tonight.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For Awana's goal of memorizing Bible verses

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Steve said...


When I was younger I use to attend Awanas at the church my family was attending. I dont remember much except the little crown pins with the jewels inside. And my little red vest. I never moved up in the program and eventually stopped going. I was curious though about what part of the theology that you didn't agree with if you dont me asking. I dont remember much of it nor any of the theology behind it. I mean at a young age, who would? Thanks,

PS: the name of your blog is a good reminder to me to have that mind of thankfulness. Even in tribulation. Sometimes I seem to forget that.