Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Letter A

What is it that begins with the letter A that you are thankful for?  Here's a few ideas
  • Aaron - my oldest son
  • Apples - they're great for pies
  • Air - could we breath without it?
  • Air Mattress - keeps me off the ground
  • Animals - many ways to enjoy
  • America - a great country
  • Airplanes -gets one from here to there
  • Algebra - challenging
  • Angels -watching over me
  • - variety and low prices
  • AIG - Answers in Genesis for answers
  • Alero - my car
  • Apologetics web sights and blogs
  • AA Batteries - they're a handy size
     Please feel free to comment on things you're thankful for that begin with the letter "A"

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