Saturday, January 11, 2014

It was All Down Hill

     This past Friday our kids had their annual Home School Ski Trip. 6 of our 7 kids were able to go plus we brought three others.  On the way down - one got decided to throw up. Once their the kids went down the hills while I stayed inside, ate french fries, played with the youngest and visited with a gal from the Bemidji area who , as I learned, helped set up the ICR seminar that I attended last year along with some other amazing things.  The trip left me with a few things to be thankful for.
  1. That the sick kid made it out the window instead of in the van.
  2. That no-one else ended up sick.
  3. That we had great weather for the day - it was in the 20's above zero instead of below
  4. That we had a safe drive there and back.
  5. That all the kids had a great time.
  6. For being able to visit with others.
  7. To be able to eat french fries.

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All in a Day said...

My comment about French fries appeared in the wrong post. :(