Sunday, September 7, 2014

Busy With The Kids

     The past few days I have been busy with the kids and with that business comes reasons to be thankful.

On Friday
  • Safe trip to and from Thief River for a soccer game.
  • For the kids who played hard
  • For a great game even though we lost by 1 goal
  • For the team we had to play against
  • For the shopping that took place
On Saturday
  • For the Kids Day at the local sporting goods store and all those who made it possible
  • For the great kids in the group I chaperoned
  • For the prizes that were given away
  • For the time spent with my daughters
  • For the corn maze and the nearly 5 hours we spent there after kids day.
On Sunday
  • The big turkey meal that drove my nose crazy with delightful smells.
  • for the turkey itself which was given to us and for the one who gave it to us.

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