Friday, January 4, 2013

Trivia Day

     I can remember a time when I wanted a game called Trivial Pursuit. I do not know what ever happened to that game but it was full of trivial questions, question that really didn't matter. I still have at least three trivia type games in the house somewhere. Today is Trivia day.

     We may think of trivia as being unimportant and there is much in our lives that may be considered trivial like the color of socks we wear but I wonder if any part of our lives is trivial to God. We may think that what we eat is trivial to God when there are big things to consider like countries going to war but God cares for each and everyone of us and I can't say that any part of our lives are trivial to God.

      Let's be thankful for a God who cares for even the trivial things in our lives.

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