Monday, October 31, 2011

Month Ten

     Sometimes keeping to one's New Years resolutions, their goals for the years,can be difficult Here is a quick recap of my 4 goals for 2011.

#1 Start a blog called Everyday Thankfulness to encouraging thankfulness.
#2 Start a blog called Pupperville Ponderings where I can post all my puppet stories with some added thoughts to ponder.
#3 Finish making the rest of my unfinished puppets.
#4 Finish studying out the book of Revelation

      This month has seen some goals reached - more or less.

#1 I've continued posting daily to the Everyday Thankfulness and now have passed the 300 mark.
#2 Pupperville Ponderings has picked up again and continued through out October.
#3 As for my puppets I have added 12 new puppets to my family and they are more or less done. I still need to find a nurses hat, a stethoscope and a police hat to finish off three of the puppets. I'm not sure where I'll find then but once I do I'll post some pictures.
#4 My study on revelation has seen the completion of the work I've been working on - namely outlining each of the 50+ divisions I have divided the book into. I still need to finish entering my notes on the computer and than I can go back to the beginning and start studying each section in more detail and formalizing some messages.

      How have you been doing on your goals...

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For the ability to set goals to work towards
  • For making progress towards fulfilling them

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