Sunday, October 16, 2011


      One of the things I have enjoyed over the years are puppets. I've enjoyed watching them , especially in the Muppet Show, and I've enjoyed working with them as in making my own and writing my own scripts for them.

      I'm not sure what year I got started with working and than making my own puppets but I do remember that it started with a set of puppets that had been given to the church I grew up in. I wrote a few scripts for them and after I moved away I decided to make some of my own with a few modifications. I made either 6 or 8 to start with and than added more. I now have 21 puppets and will soon be bringing that number to 33 as I am in the finishing stages on 12 new ones.

      I also have over 150 scripts I have written and have been turning them into stories, adding a lesson to them and posting them on my Pupperville Pondering 's blog. It has been fun letting my imagination go as I write the scripts as I'm able to do things I may not be able to do in real life.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For puppetry

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