Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grand Parents

     On February 27, 2011 the last of my Grandparents, Ray Kaiser, passed away at the age of 85. Over the past several month his health had been in decline and I think he knew it was his time to go and while he will be dearly missed he left behind many memories. I would like to share just a few.

  • One of the things I remember is that at the appliance shop he worked at he was able to get a certain amount of merchandise each month as a benefit and he was often getting us batteries for our electronic gizmos.
  • Another thing at the shop he worked at was a video game that was in for repair that he started up for us to play.
  • His place he rented out that we used to go fix up for him.
  • Playing hide and seek with us as there was some neat hiding spots around his yard.
  • Going out in the woods with him to get fire wood ready.
  • Taking us with him in his red van to get chicken for birthday meals
  • Our likes for Tiger Direct and computers - I think I get my like for computers and other electronic gadgets from him

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For My Grandpa Ray
  • For all my Grandparents

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