Thursday, June 9, 2011


      I'm not 100% certain, but I think our family has gone camping at least once every year since we've been married. Some of our favorite camping spots include Jack Pine, Itasca, and Lake Bronson.

     Camping can be a trying time - like the time a severe thunderstorm blew our tent down on top of us and than droppe3d a couple inches of rain or the time we took a detour and hit a pot hole of some sort so hard that the bikes on the back of the car came off and one of the bike tires flew away and we spent lot's of time looking for it. and let's mot forget kids throwing up in the tent and pink eye and....

     Camping is for the most part enjoyable - and depending on where you go you can ride bike, canoe, sit around a fire and roast marshmallows, go hiking, swimming, and.... well, I won't mention everything we've done camping.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For camping times

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