Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canoeing / Boating

      Along with being in the water swimming comes being on the water in a boat or canoe.

      While we don't own a boat, we have friends and family that do and have taken the kids out on the water pulling them behind in a tube and the kids have a blast. For me boats have a better use - fishing although I have not been fishing for years.

      And while we don't own a boat we do own a canoe and from time to time we do get it out on the water and than it sometimes a fight over who gets to go in it. I love canoeing and have great memories of canoeing a river in the fall with my dad seeing lots of wildlife, going over beaver dams and even having ice form on the paddles as we're gliding along.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For canoeing and boating

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