Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Computer Desk

      What can you remember about your first computer? - I remember mine being a Commodore Vic 20. It was a oversized key board with everything inside - well almost everything. There was no hard drive - they didn't exist yet, data was stored on an external cassette player so you had to know where on the tape your data was stored. It had no floppy drive either - I got that when I upgraded to a Commodore 64 and there was no printer until I upgraded to the 64. There was no modem, no CD/DVD player and all of 20 k of memory Not megabytes or gigabytes.

      Over the years, as I upgraded the system, I eventually needed a desk to put it all on The original two desks that I had have long since died and ended up on the burn pile. Now I have a nice corner desk, well at least I think I have one under all this stuff for along with holding my computer and accessories, it also holds books, movies, paper supplies, shotgun shells, phone, etc.. and it sits neatly in the corner of the bedroom. We have a similar desk for one of the other computers as well.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For the computer desks we have

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