Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After Hours

     Have you ever heard some one complain about having to work weekends or nights. I wonder if those people have ever thought things through. Just imagine a world where no one had to work nights and no one had to work weekends.

      As you head home from work at the end of the week, you realize your car is almost out of gas so you pull into the gas station to fuel up but... since no one works nights the station is closed and you find yourself walking home at minus 10 degrees.

      An hour later and nearly frozen to death, you stumble into your nice warm house except it's no longer warm, because the furnace quit working and the forecast says it's going to get colder. You call the repair man but he can't come until Monday because he doesn't work weekends.

      In an attempt to try and warm up your house you decide to start a fire in the fireplace which works for awhile and then the house catches on fire because you forgot to fix the chimney. You call the fire department and an answering machine answers your call "If you need a fire put out please call during working hours Monday thru Friday. Have a good day. - Beep"

      With a little bit of help from your neighbor, you get the fire out but burn yourself bad in the process. Your neighbor says he'll drive you to the emergency room to take care of your burns but you'll have to wait till Monday morning since they don't work nights or weekends either.

      As you try to pass the time away till Monday morning, you turn on the radio - but there's nothing but static, you turn on the TV but again there's nothing but static, you sit at the computer but the internet is down and then the power goes out.

      Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For people that work nights and weekends

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