Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Starts

     When you live in Northern Minnesota in the winter you can expect to see it get cold. A year ago this week we hit 35 below zero, this week we hit 25 below zero, last month we had a couple days at 27 below zero and this morning it's 18 below as I leave for work and winter has just got started. Some may think you'd have to be crazy to live up here, I'd say you'd have to be crazy not to be able to plug your vehicles in.

      Knowing how cold it can get one should always be prepared to plug in their vehicles yet until Wednesday, we had three vehicles with no block heaters in them. Our biggest van now has a block heater installed and can be plugged in on those cold nights when we need to use it. The small van still needs the use of a magnetic heater attached to the bottom of the oil pan and the car..... well, let's just say it has a good battery in it and hasn't failed to start yet because of the cold.

Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For block heaters to help cars start in the bitter cold
  • For cars that start even with out them.

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