Friday, January 21, 2011

Hand Warmers

     Last week, my wife had stop on the way home from work and pick up a sale item - a 24 pack of hand warmers.

      When living in Minnesota in the winter time, a person needs away to keep one's hands warm when out doors. There are many time when temps can reach 30 or more below zero and that doesn't even count the wind chill factor. At those temps, hands can get cold. To keep one's hands warm you can put your hands in your pockets, put on some mittens or gloves, start up some hand warmers or all three if you want.

      My first remembrance of hand warmers were some metal ones that my Dad had. Each morning during deer season, he would takeoff the lid, remove the wick and fill it with a flammable fluid, put the wick back on and light it. After a few minutes the lid would go back on and it would be put into a pouch to keep hands warm while out in the deer stand.

      Now days, you buy a disposable pack that last for several hours after you start a chemical reaction in the sealed bag. During our recent ski trip the kids used almost all 24 keeping their hands and feet warm.

Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For warm gloves and mittens.
  • For pockets to stick our hand in when they're cold.
  • For hand warmers to warm them even more.

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