Monday, January 10, 2011

David Said Hat

     They are called among many things, a bandanna, a barret, a beanie, a bonnet, a brim, a busby, a cap, a chapeau, a coonskin, a cowboy hat, a deerstalker, a derby, a dunce cap, a fedora, a fez, a hard hat, a helmet, a hood, a lid, a Panama, a shovel hat, a snap, a sombrero, a stocking cap, a stovepipe, etc... What are they? They're hats.

      Besides the things that are actually hats, there are many things that get turned into hats, like a bucket, a box, a newspaper, a coat, a plate full of food, yes you read that right, a plate full of food.

      Several days ago while we were sitting at the table eating, David (who is 13 months old) took his plate of food, and tipped it upside down while he placed it on his had and said "hat." While a plate may not be a very practicable hat, it made for a rather humors moment, one that may be remembered for years to come. What a great joy little ones can be as they learn.

      As for the real hats that I have, I enjoy using them in the winter to keep my head warm and in the summer to keep from burning and at other times, I just enjoy wearing a hat.

Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For the joy little ones can bring
  • For the hats we have and the purposes they serve

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