Friday, January 14, 2011

A Few More Books

     Between the last weeks of December 2010 and the first weeks of January 2011 I've been adding books to my home library. Some were for Christmas which I found used at Amazon and some were new form CBD (Christian Book Distributors)

      From Amazon I picked up 3 books dealing with apologetics which are making for some very good reading, at least what I've been able to get through so far.
  • The Young Earth by John D. Morris
  • Thousands Not Billions by Dr. Don DeYoung
  • Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft & Ronald K. Tacelli

      From CBD I picked up several books which I'm hoping will give me a little help in my studies of Revelation in the bible (one of my new years goals), along with some other tidbits.
  • Systematic Theology by Norman Geisler. (4 books)
  • A Popular Survey of the New Testament by Norman Geisler
  • Revelation by Marcus Maxwell
     Now to enjoy some reading.

     Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For Amazon and CBD for providing books at lower prices
  • For the publishers that do the work of printing the books
  • For the Authors that take the time to write the books

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