Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you like to talk to tomatoes (While there sitting on a sandwich)
If a squash can make you smile. (Usually make me frown)
If you like to dance with potatoes. (I'd rather mix them with gravy)
Up and down the produce aisle....(How about the snack aisle)

      Sound familiar? Today marks the release of "Happy Together" the latest compilation DVD from Veggie Tales. While I haven't decided if I'll be getting this one or not, every one that I have gotten in the past I have thoroughly enjoyed.

      While Veggie Tales may be for kids, I find that some of the humor they use is something only us older folks would understand. When I do buy them I usually do it for me though my kids do enjoy them too.

      Dear Lord, Tank you
  • For Veggie Tales and the lessons they teach
  • For the creators of Veggie Tales
  • For all that make Veggie Tales possible

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