Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going Down Hill

     Each winter, usually in January, the kids spend the day going down hill. Me? I sit in the chalet and take care of little ones. That way I'm safe from falling down and destroying my body. For the most part, it's a fun day for the homeschoolers in Northern Minnesota to get together and try out their skills at skiing and snow boarding down the slopes at Buena Vista near Bemidji, MN.

      While our trip down this year went great the trip home was a bit scary as it had snowed and was snowing bringing our driving speed down to 30 mph at times. Anyways, we made it home safely and the kids had an enjoyable time.

      This year Tracy decided to do the snow board thing and other than feeling a bit sore at the end of the day, enjoyed it. Aaron just did skis but had to warm up his hands frequently. Jason skipped out on skiing while Emily hit the bigger hills. The youngest two girls mastered the bunny hill with my wife's help and David stayed in the chalet with me and Grandma where I took care of him and tried to read, but mainly I took care of him.

Dear Lord, Thank you
  • For safety on the roads to and from skiing
  • For safety on the slopes for each of the kids
  • For the friends we got to be with

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